Will Think for Braincells EP

by Sense Deficiency

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Our first EP release coming out of the hive mind of nonsense that is the band. A brainfart mix of Punk Rock, Ska and Hardcore to have you hitting the Buckfast like Tony Montana with a line of coke!

Special thanks to Daz!

Although you may not be drumming for us anymore you're still a big influence on the band and real bro to us all. We couldn't have got this far without you!

Also Thanks to Bones for playing sax on Waiting to Live! How very Bones of you!


released May 6, 2015

Sense Deficiency is:
Dean White (Dbag) - Guitar & Vox
Joshua Phair (Count Brock) - Bass & Vox
The Creature from the Black Lagoon - Drums

Recorded and produced by Charles Knox
Charles repeatedly hit us with whips and set bear traps every time we went on break, big ups to the main man for putting up with our shit! Wash your face against the wall lad.



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Sense Deficiency Northern Ireland, UK

Confused punkers from Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

A mix of hardcore, ska and straight up punk rock. Whatever your tastes we'll hand you punch and rave like the Wolfman.

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Track Name: Don't Get High on Your Own Supply
You do drug runs,you're jealous of the big guns
You lie,cheat and steal, 'cos bein broke ain't no fun
Your customers' deals get lighter and lighter
Cos every day you grip that dope tighter
Some day you'll be holdin while loaded and all your friends will bail
The cops'll swarm the place you're at and haul your ass in jail

You're gonna be the victim of the cellblock's annual rape
Putting yourself back together with double sided tape
Lies and knives and cries as you try to survive,it's your future im afraid
You play the game there's no making gains and it always winds up the same

Back on the street, you get back on your feet and you take a look around
See nothing has changed,it's still a greedy selfish town
You see a kid set to flip the lid,see he's running out of luck
You decide to give a message to that stupid little fuck
Track Name: Negated Utopia
Weakness dressed to seem efficient
Outworn process perpetuation
Increased weight to prohibition
Slipstream tailgates all cognition

We're not ready for this
A new fork in the road
Divine abode,null and void,souls destroyed
Live for yourself or make a choice

Social trend of self obsession
Derailed picture of progression
Fear brings hate in quick succession
Sociological regression

We're not ready to learn
We've got layers to burn
Divine abode,null and void,souls destroyed
Live for yourself or make a choice

Live through a sheet of glass and we're doomed to repeat the past

We're not ready to live
We've got so much to give
Divine abode,null and void,souls destroyed,live for yourself or make a choice
Track Name: Waiting to Live
Am i waiting to live, am i waiting to die, I can't ever settle for an empty life
I want to contribute,I want a purpose and place
Not to live and die for its own sake
I think of what is right, it keeps me up at night
I keep my hopes in check, I keep my goals in sight
All we have is each other and only ourselves to blame
If it all comes down we die without a name

The daily terror of waiting for the sword to fall brings you down to the point that you're sick of it all
Cynicism grows and fucks with what you know, trying to numb your mind and wrench away control
The resolve's still there, you just gotta beware,keep in touch with it or it could slip away
An iron grip remains,holding reason in chains
Be wary of the image the machine conveys

Screaming out to the world and not being heard
Despair by design,depraved plans unfurl
Ambiguity,misinformation paves and the laws of rhetoric draw a daily slave
Education fails and young minds grow stale,still i live in hope that conscience prevails
An iron grip remains holding reason in chains,be wary of the image the machine conveys
Track Name: ScaremongRR
Daily frights and scares
Minds in disrepair
Vultures rule the air
Financing despair
Misrepresentation,information warfare
Reasoning firmly in Zionist crosshairs

Swallow the lies and they'll forever blind your eyes
Follow the lies and they'll forever bind your eyes

Stifled thought process dies
Leaving you trapped inside
The machine that overrides
Semantic genocide
The pressure never subsides,you'll drown in relentless tides
5% take the ride across the great divide

Swallow the lies and they'll forever blind your eyes
Follow the lies and they'll forever bind your eyes

Vicious endgame,to subvert and enslave (Chant)

Insidious constraints dictate how you behave
Break free and create and alternate brainwave
Realise the path is paved or you cannot be saved

Swallow the lies and they'll forever blind your eyes
Follow the lies and they'll forever bind your eyes
Track Name: Proudhon in Manhattan
I stick tape in the holes in my shoes
I stick my tongue in the holes in my teeth
I stick expletives in the holes in my thought process when I speak
My friends stick to their guns
they got a bunch in the woods of vermont 'till the end times come
but saturn, says he's gonna learn to live
as if the world wasn't gonna end and i admire his strength

Today i'm gonna do my best
to drink coffee in the morning and live as if
i didn't feel lonely and hopeless and helpless
to save myself for the world where i live
and tonight, when i dream it will be
that the junkies spent all the drug money on
community gardens and collective housing
and the punk kids who moved in the ghetto
have started meeting their neighbors besides the angry ones
with the yards, that their friends and their dogs have been puking and shitting on
and the anarchists have started
filling potholes, collecting garbage
to prove we don't need governments to do these things
and i'll wake up, burning time's square as we sing
"Throw your hands in the air 'cause property is robbery!"